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pool design corby gould pools

Pool Design Corby Gould Pools

Owning a swimming pool should be fun. We can design a swimming pool that fits your lifestyle and needs. From the most basic pool design to a luxurious pool paradise, the only limit is your imagination.

Types of Inground Pools

Swimming pools are not like other purchases. You can’t just return or exchange them if you’re not completely satisfied. It is essential to get your swimming pool done right the first time. There are different types of materials to choose from as well as different styles to suit your needs. 

There are three types of inground swimming pools.

Concrete is the most durable of the three inground swimming pool types. It is sometimes referred to as gunite or shotcrete, with the only difference being how the concrete is mixed and applied. Concrete is a wet mix and poured on the rebar to form the shell pool, while gunite is more of a dry mix.

Concrete is almost infinitely customizable in terms of size, shape, and depth. You can also choose different finishes – plaster, tile, and other materials. Concrete pool installation and customization can be expensive since they are difficult to install.

Fiberglass pools are the easiest to install among the three. They come prefabricated with features like seats and steps. The manufacturer will deliver the pool shell to your home, and it is placed carefully on the excavation. Fiberglass pools are easy to maintain, resistant to algae, and last longer than vinyl pools.

Vinyl-walled pools come in three types. We have the steel wall vinyl-lined, composite or polymer vinyl-lined, and cement wall vinyl-lined material. Steel wall vinyl-lined is the most popular among the three because it is the most customizable. You can cut it in any size or shape, and vinyl is available in many colors and patterns.

Pool Construction

After deciding on the type of pool you want, figuring out the best options for your budget and needs, and getting the permits, you are finally ready for the pool construction. There are several steps, and here’s what to expect at every stage.

Typically, your pool contractor will conduct a soil test to determine the composition of the ground. Soil test ensures that the soil is uniform and suitable for constructing a swimming pool. We will bring in heavy equipment for excavation.

Power and water lines will be installed for the equipment pad on your swimming pool to work. The equipment pad includes the pump and filter systems.

Pool Shell Installation

We will build a steel-reinforced rebar skeleton into the pool. It depends on the pool type you choose. If you choose fiberglass or vinyl, the pool shell will be prefabricated off-site. Once the ground is level and secure, we will install the pool shell directly.

Once the concrete or gunite is ready, your contractor can start building the other features of the swimming pool. Around this time, the pool finish will be applied, the decking constructed, and the landscape developed.

An acid wash may be done once the interior finish is completed. Then, the pool will be filled with water. The technicians will start setting up the swimming pool equipment.

Once the pool is up and running, a dedicated project manager will explain to you how everything works. Now is a good time to ask all your questions and other concerns about the swimming pool and maintenance. Finally, it’s time to enjoy your very own swimming pool.

Custom Pool Design

Customizing your swimming pool gives you control over its shape, design, depth, and even the material used. You can customize a pool to fit not just your needs, but also to reflect your style and personality. The best choice depends on your budget and style.

Pool Shapes

Here are some popular pool styles and shapes to choose from.

  • Big, family pool
  • Lap pool for exercise
  • Plunge pool for health benefits
  • Architectural pools to match the house
  • Infinity pools

For more information on customizing your swimming pool, give us a call or fill out a request form and someone will be in touch with you immediately.

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